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About Kjell Sullivan

Kjell is a freelance photographer who shares is passion for photography across several disciplines. While he loves immersing himself in big landscapes to capture their power and beauty, he also enjoys working with people, and brands and editorials.

He is an adventurous soul, who loves all human powered pursuits in the wild, from mountain biking or climbing, to paddling his canoe with his wife Becky in mountain lakes, and riving a back country road is never a bad time either. He’s always looking for the next adventure.

“Whenever people are in the image, I need to bring a human element forward whenever possible. If I’m working with people in a landscape or whether it’s a portrait shoot or lifestyle shoot, what I desire most and what I am trying to capture is the drawing of the soul to the surface. I’m not great at posing people so I want them as comfortable as possible to allow them to just be themselves. I don’t change the landscape, when I go into the wilderness to shoot, so why do that with people?”

email- ksperceptions@gmail.com