Where do we go from here?

How many times have my best laid plans been abandoned or fallen apart? I couldn't really tell you, but it's a lot. Honestly there have been times where I felt there was some ominous cloud that follows me around ruining all that I try to accomplish. Other times I just think that's the way life goes. But then there are these other times...

On numerous occasions, when I found myself  "just rollin' with it" after my plans fell apart, magic, and beauty happened. Maybe a blessing of found wisdom. A sip from a fountain pouring forth from a place much higher I. Something holy imparted to me, a gift and a lesson. A lesson which, I hate to say it, I'm still learning after all these years.

In these moments of serenity, beauty and clarity. I realized two things,

1. I had surrendered

2. I saw more clearly

I believe that must be the order of things.  In these moments, It's as if the God himself was saying

"Don't worry, I've got you."

His still small voice, of such great comfort after the wheels have fallen off. It was okay that I didn't have it all together, or all figured out, and just to prove that it was okay, a serene moment of clarity, peace and such beauty was displayed. It was not what I planned, I was not what I planned, and it was all okay. For that moment I saw clearly, cherished the moment and all that I loved and held close in my heart, and moved on to continue the lesson.